A fast money loan for your project

Have a quick answer, this is the wish of the borrower who could have a need for urgent cash.


In most cases, a quick loan comes in a reserve of money.

This is the revolving credit associated with a financing card, called a revolving credit. However, the borrower must be very careful because this type of credit generates a borrowing rate that is among the highest in the market. Also, by the term “fast money loan”, the borrower must understand that the quick response concerns the policy answer. It does not concern the actual payment of money on his account. For this one, it will have to wait at least 14 days.

Recommendations to follow to get an answer as soon as possible

It is essential to know that the law requires a 14-day withdrawal period for the borrower. Thus, during the signing of a loan agreement, the borrower has this period from the date of signature of the contract. In practice, he must use the withdrawal slip attached to the contract, filling it, dating it and signing it. However, it is still possible to shorten this period, via a special request. Also, ten days would be the minimum period of withdrawal. In any case, to make a quick money loan , you must follow the procedure. The borrower must begin by performing a simulation and completing his credit application online. If his application is accepted, he must print the contract and fill it out with the required supporting documents. Subsequently, he sends the file by post or deposit it at the agency of the financial institution of his choice.

How to have a fast money credit?

In fact, even if the borrower thinks he has a perfect profile, his file may still be rejected for various reasons. Indeed, a bank remains entirely sovereign in its decision and there is no guarantee of a positive answer, even if the file is considered to be solid. It should be known that the human factor plays in favor of the borrower. If he has maintained courteous relationships based on transparency for a long time, he will put more chances on his side, for the acceptance of his application for credit. Also, unemployment can be a frequent case of refusal. The salary and personal circumstances of the borrower will determine the amount and duration of the loan. If the borrower is unemployed, his claim is likely to be rejected. The same applies to a loan application with a fixed-term contract. If the borrower is unemployed, the possible solution would be to obtain a bond, to be solvent. He must have enough personal property to repay his debts. In the case of a CDD, he must make sure to have a promise of CDI or a deposit.

Ask for a quick loan when you are registered at the Bank or registered with the FICP

In the event that the borrower has already taken out a credit with an organization and has encountered repayment problems, it could be reported. It can be registered in the national file of credit refund incidents or FICP. If this is the case, the borrower will not be able to get a positive answer to his request. This is the same scenario if it is reported to the Central Unpaid Check File (FCC). To remedy this, the borrower must pay his debts. In this way, it may have from the agency or the source bank of the registration, a request for deletion of the file.