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The time of holidays and holidays is approaching, a series of incredible concerts and festivals, as well as new trips! The portal never allows financial problems to eclipse their leisure. We, like no other, understand that such purchases and expenses can not wait, because the sooner you buy the ticket, the more you save. Smile with confidence, that no longer has cause for concern, because today we present your very reliable financial partner.

The company Creditomas (creditomas .es) has been one of the main figures in the microfinance market in Spain for many years. The head office is located in Marbella, so the company distributes its services throughout the country. Any resident of Spain who complies with the conditions can use the services of the company accessing the Internet from any device. We think it’s very convenient, right?


The first good news is that Creditomas allows you to solve your financial problems with personal loans in the amounts of 50 to 900 euros. Our team notes that this is a fairly large amount among microfinance institutions, which is undoubtedly the distinctive advantage of the company. Of course, in your first application in Creditomas, the company’s specialists need to know if you meet the payments of your debts, and if you have a responsible attitude with the conditions of online microcredit. Therefore, if it is your first application in this company, only the amount of 50 to 300 euros will be available to you. The return period is always 30 days, regardless of the amount borrowed.

And that’s the second good news – with the first loan at Creditomas you do not have to pay interest or commissions! Considering this fact, it is not difficult to make a payment on time, showing yourself as a legitimate and decent client. On the other hand, paying before the deadline opens the possibility of getting even larger amounts of up to 900 euros!

Of course, due to unforeseen circumstances we can sometimes forget the payment date or have a delay, facing serious difficulties. In this case, an extension may be requested for a period of 7, 14 or 30 days. Keep in mind that the delay in payment at Creditomas will cost you an additional interest, in addition to the one you have to pay for each payment reminder. Do you agree that paying your loan on time is not only easy, but also profitable?

So now let’s talk about the most important thing, the procedure to get fast money at the Creditomas microfinance company. First, you need to register and create a personal account, which takes less than five minutes. You just have to enter standard information about yourself, and then you can start filling out a form to request your money. Enter the amount of mini-credit that is needed (the first time only up to 300, do not forget). Then, you just need to identify yourself through your online bank’s system. Now you have to wait a few minutes until Instantor, the first-class data processing program, identifies your identity and ensures your creditworthiness.


As soon as the system processes your data, you will receive notification to your mobile or by email with the response of a positive decision or denial. If your loan application is approved, you immediately get the money in your bank account that you have indicated, if your card is from Banco Santander or Unicaja. If your bank card belongs to another bank, the transfer of your mini credit will be made within 1-2 days.

Before we mentioned the fastest way of personal identification, but, of course, there is another more usual way. If you can not use online banking, then, you need to send a color copy of your ID on both sides, proof of income and bank receipt to the email address of the company.

How to become the owner of a quick Creditomas loan? First of all, it is mandatory to be a resident of Spain (have a valid ID), be between the ages of 21 and 75, have a personal bank account and a mobile phone, as well as not be on any morocco or debt list. The requirements are minimal and quite ordinary, the Creditomas company is always open to help you. By the way, not all microfinance institutions provide an online chat on their website, as well as a quick response from their advisors. Therefore, the website points to this as the other advantage of Creditomas.


In addition to an instant chat, you can consult any question by calling the telephone number that appears on the company’s website (creditomas .es) or writing to your email during working hours from 08:00 to 21:00 on Monday Friday, and from 8:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. on Saturday, Sunday and holidays.

From the side of our portal we wish you a good time! Use our recommendations and forget your financial problems.

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