Ferratum online loans up to 1000 euros in 15 minutes

Loans and Mini-credits in Ferratum Online Request

Do you need a small amount of money and can not wait? Did you know that with the help of your mobile phone, you can solve your financial problems? Do you want to know how? Here we will tell you

Compañía Ferratum has a 10-year existence and has expanded its activities beyond Europe. Today Ferratum is one of the leaders in the microfinance market in Spain, and is headquartered in Malta. Thousands of customers around the world are guarantors of reliability (you can find the Ferratum offices in more than twenty countries).

You are probably interested in why this company is different from the others? A distinctive feature of this company is that Ferratum was one of the first to use mobile technology to send a loan application. This is a very convenient option for those who do not have the device connected to the Internet at hand, because sending SMS is much easier, right? Imagine, you can apply for a quick loan and get the money on your card simply by using your phone for minutes! You just have to choose the desired quantity and the return period (using numbers and space signs), as well as the number of your personal code on the company’s website. No visits to the office, no guarantees or paperwork.


It is worth noting that this option is only available to the company’s customers, who successfully reimbursed the previous loan. Newcomers have to fill out a standard form on the website. The data are: your name, age, address, income, and place of work. We do not recommend cheating the employees of the company and providing false information, since sooner or later the deception will be exposed, and you may be responsible for paying a fine.

The process of filling in the form on the Ferratum site is very fast and its structure is not different from other micro-credit sites. Just select the desired amount and the due dates (note that the first time they are available up to 300 euros), and fill in the required fields.

If you apply for a credit instantly at Ferratum the first time, you will have available the amount of 50 to 300 euros. Keep in mind that in the case of a credit application for an amount up to less than 500 euros, the return period for you will be a maximum of 30 days. When the amount of 500 to 700 euros is requested, the loan can be returned within 45 days.

A nice surprise is the lack of commissions during your first loan (of course, this only applies if the amount requested does not exceed 300 euros). For larger quantities (from 300 to 700 euros), the commission depends on the amount of payment and the size established in the SMS messages of the Ferratum company during the registration process for your quick loan (do not forget that the mobile phone plays an important role in obtaining Ferratum products).


Like other companies, in order to become a Ferratum customer, you must comply with the following simple requirements: be at least 25 years of age, DNI / NIE of Spain, a stable income and absence from the list of debtors .

If you acknowledge that you will not have time to make the monthly payment on time, you must inform about it in advance, 5 days before the payment date, and a delay of 15 days is obtained. A maximum of two extensions is allowed for each credit.

For a delay of three to nine days in which you will have to pay an extra 10 euros for delay, and 10 to 16 days, the rate will be 25 euros. If you are late for a period of 17 to 23 days, the commission will be raised to 45 euros. In case of delay of more than 23 days, you will have to pay 70 euros. Of course, there is only one way to avoid such unpleasant situations.

In order to avoid said troubles, we recommend you initially choose the desired payment date, based on the day of your salary or other regular income. Trust that those who pay their microloans on time and without problems, can request another loan in Ferratum easier, only using SMS. In addition, you will have the opportunity to take a larger loan with a longer term. Good luck with your finances!

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