Apple has new devices in development that are unlike anything we’ve seen before

New patents suggest Apple could invest in developing new smart devices like necklaces, bracelets, and key chains.

Apple already offers various wearables like the Apple Watch. He also considers AirPods to be a portable device. In the future, however, the tech giant may offer even more portable options according to a new patent. Appleinsider was one of the first to notice the patent. This outlet says the patent takes note of expanding Apple’s wearable clothing line to include a ton of new devices, like doorknob hoops and bracelets.

Apple’s new smart devices could be key chains or necklaces

The patent, entitled “portable loops with integrated circuits” describes many different uses of the technology.

An electronic device such as a loop-shaped portable electronic device may have a fabric cord with opposite first and second ends and a housing unit coupled between the first and second ends. The housing unit may contain circuitry such as a visual output region, sensors, communication circuits, and wireless power receiving circuits, ”the patent summary reads.

The portable electronic device can include haptic output devices to provide haptic output to a user or to modify the shape of the fabric cord. The fabric cord may include a conductive strand which forms a coil for receiving wireless power signals from a wireless power transmitter. The portable electronic device may be stored in a charging case which includes wireless power transmission circuits to power the portable electronic device. The control circuits in the charging case can change the opacity of the charging case depending on the state of charge of the portable electronic device.

Looking further into the patent, it seems to outline the possible uses of Apple technology in portable devices. These clothes include a myriad of new items, some of which you might not expect to fall into the “clothes” category. The patent itself is strongly based on a singular idea: the possibility of wearing a device that offers technological applications.

The patent is awarded to Paul G. Puskarich. Puskarich is also credited with a patent regarding headphones that detect when they are worn.

How would these devices work?

Apple says the devices could work in multiple ways. They could offer displays like the Apple Watch, or they could just be something that captures hand gestures. Additionally, devices could simply collect things like location, activity, and credentials. Apple also says these same devices could then “provide output to a user.” This output can include audio, visual, or even just haptic feedback.

Another application that Apple notes in the patent uses certain elements as anchor points for augmented or virtual reality applications. VR or AR headsets could then track these objects in one way or another, providing more immersive uses with those experiences. There are many applications for using this patent. It will be interesting to see how Apple pursues it in the future.

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