Cut the rope ? Tips for watching TV for free using an antenna or streaming service


QUAD CITIES (KWQC) – So you think you are ready to cut costs by cutting the cord?

Many people are abandoning traditional cable or satellite television services and switching to live streaming television programming over the Internet. But breaking up can be hard to do.

First of all, you need to compare the cost of the internet and streaming services like Netflix, Disney Plus, or YouTube TV. If you subscribe to more than one service to get all of your favorite channels, you might end up paying more. The other thing to consider is how will you watch your local TV channels? The answer is simple, AND it’s free!

We called in an expert, Lee Zeglin, owner of Zeglins TV & Appliance in Moline. He says that by law every TV comes with an antenna. The only exception is if it’s called something other than a TV.

“They call themselves home theater monitors or TVs where they don’t have a tuner, but every TV should have a coaxial point where you can screw the antenna. If it’s classified as a TV, it must have this functionality, ”Zeglin said.

In other words, the only thing you need to get free local channels is an antenna. Plug it into the same place you would plug in cable or satellite service. It may take a few adjustments to get all the channels, depending on where you live and where you place the antenna.

“Most roofs in a house take about 30% of the signal strength just by having it inside. So you want it as close to the outside as possible, ”he added.

Ideally this would be on the roof or in the attic, but a window will also do. Do not place the antenna behind the TV. Zeglin says it’s the worst place to get a signal because of all the interference.

Once the antenna is screwed in, it’s time to reprogram. The steps may vary by brand of TV, but basically use the remote to access settings and choose aerial TV channels. There you will search for broadcast channels again. If you don’t see any, you may need to move your antenna and start scanning again.

“If you don’t get something, reprogram it, move it a little bit, reprogram it. There are a lot of things involved in this, ”Zeglin added.

You can have better success using an amplified antenna. It plugs into a power source to improve signal strength. KWQC-TV chief engineer Doug Bierman says the amplified antenna works best if you live far from the broadcast tower.

If you live at the base of a hill, you may want to consider a taller antenna. Zeglin says rooftop antennas are designed to better reach broadcast signals and can greatly improve channel strength.

Additionally, you can improve reception by knowing where the broadcast towers are located in your area and pointing the antenna in that direction. In the Quad City TV market, the towers are located in Bettendorf, Iowa (KWQC-TV) and Orion, Illinois.

When choosing a new TV, Zeglin says better brands, like LG and Samsung, will include selected manufacturer-built channels that you can access through the internet. This will not include local broadcast channels. You can use an antenna to watch local broadcasts while using the Internet to broadcast programs. If you like to record your favorite shows, you can buy a portable DVR.

So if you want to watch local channels for free, plug in an antenna and search for antenna channels again. With digital sub channels added to KWQC-TV range, you can watch our main channel, 6.1, Ion 6.2, Cozi, 6.3, Heroes and Icons 6.4, Start TV on 6.5 and Circle on 6.6 https: // www /.

As for streaming services, you can watch TV6 TV news using the following:, KWQC News app, AppleTV, FireTV, Roku, VUit, NBC, Hulu, YoutubeTV fuboTV and NewsON.

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