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Evaluating Your Budget and Borrowing Capacity – Home Loan Tips

The lifestyle of the future borrower is also considered to determine his “remainder to live” once he has paid the charges and monthly payments of the loan .

What is a real estate mortgage?

The lenders are particularly attentive to the debt ratio, all credits combined not to exceed 33% of revenues.

The amount of a mortgage loan depends primarily on the future buyer’s income.

The resources taken into account correspond to the average monthly net income (annual net income divided by 12) of a definite nature such as a salary, a thirteenth month, or even a benefit in kind. Profit or participation bonuses are not automatically considered because of their variable nature. Conversely, land revenue net of charges is a resource for credit institutions. Alimony, some income from financial products or family allowances can sometimes enter into the borrower’s income base. The expenses to be taken into account in the debt correspond to all outstanding loans (real estate, consumption, “revolving” or renewable, facilities of payments in several times, etc.) and the possible alimony payments.

In addition to net income, personal contribution plays an important role in determining the amount the borrower can claim.

Opens the doors of approximately 30 banks and credit institutions from which it can begin negotiations .

1 . Borrowers should be aware of the risks associated with a home loan in order to know if such a transaction suits them and ensure that they understand the obligations related to this transaction, such as those related to the repayment of a mortgage and debt born of the granting of such a loan.

2 . This document does not constitute an offer or solicitation and should not be construed as investment advice. It does not replace a detailed study of the situation of a potential borrower to accompany it in its reflection and in the implementation of its real estate project.