GM to invest $ 46.8 million for improvements to Parma Metal Center


PARMA, Ohio – On Thursday, General Motors announced that the company will pay more than $ 46 million in upgrades to its Parma plant, which produces stampings and plate assemblies for several GM products.

The upgrades would focus specifically on the plant’s press and metal assembly area, as well as aluminum operations.

“The update to the aluminum system is huge because it allows us flexibility on site to operate the aluminum and separate the steel from the aluminum,” said GM plant manager Kareem Maine. .

The plant currently employs around 1,000 workers and processes more than 800 tonnes of steel per day, with the capacity to produce up to 100 million pieces per year, according to the company.

“This is huge,” said Michael Patterson, president of UAW Local 1005. “Management can see that we are the place they need to make new work and new investments and that’s what we’re here for. It’s job security and it’s a bright future.

“Parma is a proud city of GM,” said Parma Mayor Tim DeGeeter. “For the city, we only buy GM products, vehicles and trucks. “

As the mayor points out, GM remains the city’s largest employer.

“As mayor, I sleep easier at night knowing that the lights will stay on at night, things are buzzing there and we are grateful for that,” he added.

This isn’t GM’s only recent investment in the plant; approximately $ 6.6 million was invested in 2020 to support truck production.

All of this comes as General Motors prepares for the future, announcing last month that it plans to be ready as the world shifts to battery-powered vehicles.

The company previously said it hopes more than half of its factories in the United States and China will be able to manufacture electric vehicles within the next decade.

As the company looks to the future, it’s also important to note its past in Ohio.

The facility opened in 1948 and spans 2.3 million square feet.

In 1995, General Motors was the state’s largest employer.

In 2019, he had fallen to 72nd and the latest report from top Ohio employers shows that the company employs approximately 4,150 people in Ohio.

This means that the Parma plant is currently home to one in four General Motors employees in Ohio.

Company officials told News 5 that installation of the upgrades will begin immediately and are expected to be completed by spring 2024.

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