How to prepare for power outages


And what does that compare to trying to replace an RTX 3080?

Let there be light

The worst of a blackout is after dark and during the winter months it can happen early at night. Without electricity, your home is dark, and basic tasks like just walking to the kitchen can lead to unnecessary slips, bumps, and injuries in general.

The first thing I keep handy, in strategic places around the house, are LED lanterns. They are inexpensive, consume very little power, and can last for months without having to replace the batteries. Keep one near a stairwell or on the kitchen counter so you can safely navigate your now-shrouded home. What if you need to go somewhere else in the house? They are portable. While it’s important to be able to walk through your own place safely, the side effect eliminates the need for the flashlight app on your phone, which is usually a battery-powered vampire.

And since you’re probably going to have to be best friends with your analog entertainment, placing a lantern next to your favorite sofa or chair instantly creates a cozy reading nook in the dark. And if you have more than one, you have an illuminated play surface for tabletop RPGs or board games (which everyone should always have in stock).

Alternatively, I have a few flickering flashlights that rely on human power instead of double A. On shaking the flashlight, a magnet goes back and forth across a coil to store the charge in a capacitor, and voila! A powered light. They are not only effective but also fun for children, and if nothing else gives you a good reason to thank the lucky stars of the world for Michael Faraday and his legendary work in electromagnetism.

Next on the list is something a little more old school: the candle. It might seem obvious, but don’t act like having one hasn’t given you an extra heart container. THE Legend of Zelda at the time. Having candles (and, of course, matches or lighters) can again light a path to get you where you need to go. Granted, it is, you know, fire, so you will have to pay attention to it unlike simple LED lanterns, but they are cheap, burn for a while, and I dare say they help with the visual ambiance. and olfactory of the occasion. .

Right now I am launching a fragrance called Black Tea and Lemon because I have a great taste. I even have the limited edition A1 steak scent ones, so, you know, you can find anything that floats on your boat.

If you have a fireplace, building a fire is an easy, inexpensive way to not only light a room, but also warm it up when the mercury begins to drop. If you have gas or oil heating this might not be too big of a problem for you, but I have an electric heat pump so my living room fireplace is my go-to spot for blackouts. running.

I try to always keep a cord of firewood on hand during the winter with some kindling or starter cubes in my inventory, but if you don’t have any kindling and you are not human torch, this can add a degree of difficulty. And that’s why I keep paper phone books instead of launching them. Sure, “you have the Internet,” but the thin pages of phone books make great kindling, especially if you are storing your firewood outside and it is not yet completely dry.

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