Hudson Family Foundation honors Legends Club students

AUBURN, Alabama – For the sixth year in a row, the Hudson Family Foundation welcomed 1,200 Lee County elementary students to its Legends Club while helping to make Thanksgiving more special for children’s families.

Not even a pandemic can stop Kim and Tim hudson to fulfill their foundation’s mission to build self-esteem, pride and hope in school-aged children overcoming challenges.

“At the end of the day, when you’re able to help these families and these kids, that’s what it is,” said Tim, Auburn’s baseball pitching coach. “Everyone in our community and all of our supporters have always been okay with what we have going on. It’s exciting to know you have this support.”

Ahead of the pandemic, the Hudsons celebrated Legends Club inductees at vibrant gatherings at Auburn Arena. In 2020, they provided a gift card to each recipient, but were unable to host an in-person celebration.

This year, Kim and Tim took the show on the road, attending assemblies at several schools in Auburn City, Opelika City and Lee County, presenting $ 100 Kroger gift cards to each Legends Club winner.

“Each school has its own celebration and they all look different which is really cool,” said Kim, the 2017 recipient of the Pamela Wells Sheffield Award from Auburn University for her selfless service.

“It’s a great program in terms of the impact it has on our community,” she said. “We 100% believe that food insecurity is a problem here in Lee County, so it serves to fill that need at an important time of Thanksgiving.

Tim and Kim Hudson visited several elementary schools in Lee County to recognize Legends Club members

“It also encourages the kids to say that they are good kids, that their teachers are proud of them, and because of that, they’ve been awarded a Legends certificate and are also going to provide Thanksgiving dinner for their families.”

When the program began, the Hudsons partnered with grocery stores to provide food baskets for students, then a combination of food and a gift card, before evolving into its current form.

“No one could promise us that they would have 1,200 of anything,” Kim said.

Like a pitcher who might not have his full repertoire at work on any given night, the Hudsons have adapted.

“It’s important to ride with whatever is available to us, regardless of the resources available,” said Tim.

Tim and Kim Hudson with Legends Club students at Wrights Mill Primary School in Auburn, November 2021
Legends: Students are nominated for their effort, respect, initiative, integrity, discipline and service

At each Legends Club event, Kim and Tim encourage students to continue down the path that prompted their teachers and counselors to appoint them.

“Fortunately, this year we got to walk into the schools and see the kids, see the principals, teachers and all their classmates congratulating them on being a good kid and a great example in the classroom,” Tim said. “Because of that, they can feel like they’re doing something for their family in an awesome part of the season.”

“It’s so much fun explaining what they have to offer, that they can go shopping with their family,” Kim said. “We always tell them, make sure you pick something fun for yourself.

“We couldn’t do it without the teachers and principals, and the help we get from every school. Choosing 1,200 children is a difficult task, and we don’t try to do it because we don’t know the children like them It is a great responsibility, and we appreciate that they work with us to choose children who might be food insecure on Thanksgiving and / or need encouragement. We appreciate their partnership as well as the financial partnerships that we have trained. “

Tim and Kim Hudson with Legends Club students at Wrights Mill Primary School in Auburn, November 2021
“Welcome to the Club”: Kim and Tim hudson congratulate the Legends Club inductees at Wrights Mill Road Elementary School

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