Satellite dish customers get good news for local cable channels

Good news for satellite TV users: Dish has entered into a new multi-year agreement with Sinclair Broadcasting to keep some of the larger networks on the service. According to a report by The StreamableDish has built on a series of temporary, short-term extensions to its previous deal with Sinclair to keep local affiliates of CBS, Fox, NBC and ABC available to subscribers. Now the two parties have reportedly entered into a contract that will last them for some time.

Sinclair owns numerous local news channels across the country, most of them affiliated with one of the four major broadcast networks. He also owns the Tennis Channel, which is included in this new deal. Dish has now secured access to 144 local stations in 86 markets, and the deal also applies to the Sling TV streaming service.

“We are pleased to have reached a multi-year agreement with Sinclair after months of negotiations,” said Brian Neylon, Chairman of Dish TV Group. “Sinclair has been a good long term partner to work with. Both sides are committed to keeping our clients in mind and not putting them in the middle of our negotiations. After several contract extensions, we have reached a fair deal that benefits all parties, especially our customers. “

“Our agreement with DISH reflects the continued importance that distributors place on local and national broadcast content,” added William Bell, head of distribution and network relations at Sinclair. “We look forward to continuing to provide DISH viewers with the high-quality and much-desired entertainment, as well as the timely local news that they depend on every day. “

Sadly, the deal does not include Ball Sports’ RSNs as some fans had hoped. Dish discontinued the channel in mid-2019 when it was acquired by Sinclair, as did Sling TV. There is no sign that they are wearing the canal again. Bally Sports was previously owned by Fox Sports. Fans can still get it with a subscription to the DirecTV Stream Choice plan, which costs $ 84.99 per month.

Dish customers are still facing blackouts on 64 Tegna-owned TV channels, which has resulted in a formal complaint to the FCC. Meanwhile, Sinclair is now turning his attention to negotiations with cable company Charter’s Spectrum, as its deal with that company expires in March 2022. Hopefully the transition can be at least as seamless.

As always, a digital TV antenna can provide access to many local TV stations within range without any serious installation requirements and for a relatively low price. As negotiations between media giants become increasingly fierce, options like these can become more and more important.

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