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SMS money – Borrow up to USD 4000

SMS money has micro loans / SMS loans in its range and you can borrow between USD 500 and USD 10,000 for up to 90 days. If it is a loan of the type they offer, the company can clearly be interesting to look up, but do not forget to check others before you decide.

What the loan institution iaf offers is micro-loans that can be applied directly online or by telephone alone. If you have payment remarks, SMS money is not for you as they do not approve such applications.



If you want to apply for a loan with SMS money, you can choose two ways to do this. It is either an application via their application form on the website or you use your mobile phone and send an SMS to them.

If you choose to apply on their website, you will be able to fill in basic information about yourself so that SMS money can make a decision whether or not to lend the money. You also need to fill in an application code. How to get hold of this is clear on the website.

If you want to borrow the money with your phone you also go to the website and there follow the steps that they describe.

What does it take to get a loan?


In order to borrow money from SMS money, you must firstly be of legal age, have a permanent address and be registered in Sweden. You may not have any active payment notes registered.

The requirement for income is that borrowers under the age of 18 must earn at least USD 100,000 per year. If the applicant is 20 years or older, the annual income must be at least USD 25,000.



  • If you apply and get this granted before 13:00 on a weekend free weekday, the money will be paid out to the account last at 17:00 .
  • If the loan application is approved after 13:00 the money will be in the account no later than 09:30 the next weekend free weekday .
  • If you have a bank account with Handelsbanken, Nordea or Danskebank , the money will come in even faster. There it only takes 10 minutes after the approval before they are in the account.

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