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The loan between individuals: What you need to know

Do you want to borrow without going through the banking system? The loan between individuals is the solution that you need.

loan between individual

As a reliable alternative for financially troubled borrowers, bankless credit is reassuring through the use of a collaborative system that allows individuals, businesses and professional investors to benefit from an arrangement that fits both households to benefit from low-interest financing, as well as savers who want to profit from a profitable investment.

The loan between private individuals OTC

If your credit application has always been refused by the bank after several attempts, it is time for you to turn to the loan between individuals. And the simplest formula is the credit made over the counter, that is to say from one person to another and which takes place between relatives, friends or families. By cons, administrative formalities are expected for any loan exceeding 1500 euros which must have written evidence to avoid the risk of litigation and non-payment. It is a private deed that takes the form of a handwritten debt acknowledgment on free paper, where the borrower acknowledges the existence of the transaction and indicates the amount borrowed in figures and letters, before to date and sign the document. To create a maximum of evidence of the existence of the loan between individuals, it is better to go through a bank transfer or a previously photocopied check. For a credit between individuals with specific guarantees like the mortgage , it is strongly advised to ask the intervention of a notary for a more secure operation. In this case, it will be necessary to foresee the necessary expenses for the drafting of the notarial act, the registration fee and the taxation for any amount higher than 760 euros.

Loan between individuals on platform

To better manage offers and requests for loans between individuals, there are platforms created specifically to serve as a link. If the first p2p lending platforms are launched in England in 2005, the principle quickly seduces borrowers who can now take advantage of the internet to find lenders faster, and this, with control tools set up like the file. positive that reports the activities of a borrower, or methods of exchange between private lenders who can choose themselves the borrowers who inspire them most confidence. Today, peer-to-peer credit platforms operate on the basis of a collaborative credit system to mediate between professional investors and borrowers. Thus, credit becomes a profitable investment product for lenders who can take advantage of a wide choice of borrower profile, while individuals are more likely to find loan offers, while avoiding the scams still very present in the credit market between individuals. Moreover, these specialized websites set up methods of evaluating the performance of a credit to individuals and give you all the information concerning the steps to follow and the forms to fill out for a secure transaction.