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The necessary supporting documents for a mortgage loan

To hope for a positive response from the banks, you need to build a solid case, whether you’re doing it alone or through a broker.


This file is made up of several supporting documents of which you are revealed the essential.

A detailed explanation of your project

This is an explanatory note in which you present your project. Indeed, the important thing for banks is that you are a serious person, with ambition, but especially with a specific plan.

With a home loan, you must present the land or building on which you intend to invest.

It’s even better if you insert a photo of the property in the folder. You then explain what you intend to do, improvement, change of destination, work that requires funding. For the property that will serve as collateral, you must bring proof of ownership, possibly with the mortgages that are already applied.

If you go through a broker , which is an excellent choice, he can help you better present your project. Remember to send him the list of establishments where you have already filed your file to save time.

The credentials

It’s basic, you must provide all the pieces proving your identity. This includes a copy of your identity card or valid passport. Accompany this copy of a proof of address and all the pieces showing your personal situation, marriage, number of children. A copy of the family record book will do the trick.

The proof of your financial statement

Loan agencies will want to look into your financial health before granting you your mortgage loan.

It is important to look after your image since you will have to provide the statement of your account of the previous 3 months, but also the statement of wages of the last three months. The bank will then continue its investigation to find out if you are not banked or prohibited. If you have credits in progress, you must mention them in your file, with details on the remaining due and the monthly payments that engage you. This will determine your debt. Do not forget to do a mortgage calculation to see if it’s possible or not.