Triplett ET100 Tester | Safety at work in Canada


As a full-function GFCI receptacle tester, the ET100 can locate wiring faults in NEMA 5-15 receptacles used in residential and commercial sites across North America. A simple push-button test validates that the GFCI outlets are functioning correctly.

The 3-light, color-coded display helps users identify one of five potential wiring issues: open ground, open neutral, reverse hot and ground, open hot, and reverse hot and neutral. Codes are shown on both sides of the tester to ensure easy viewing regardless of receptacle orientation.

In addition to the ET100’s GFCI outlet testing capabilities, the ET200 also includes a built-in line splitter that facilitates voltage measurements and testing of current loads of connected electrical devices or equipment. The ET200 line splitter can be used with a clamp meter to measure current loads up to 15A without splicing wires or other modifications that permanently alter a device’s power cord.

The two-mode line splitter allows a clamp meter to capture DC readings for typical current loads, while an “X10” position can be used with smaller current readings which are then multiplied by 10 The voltage test plugs can be used with a clamp meter or multimeter test leads for on-line testing without disturbing the circuit.

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