Videos show new HomePod mini color options including color-matched braided cable


After Apple released the new MacBook Pro and AirPods 3, the last thing people expected to see was the HomePod mini in new colors. While we still don’t have a release date for the new colors, new videos showcase them in the real world today.

At the “Unleashed” event last month, Apple unveiled new colors for the HomePod mini: blue, orange, and yellow. Unfortunately, it did not start selling immediately and the company announced that it would be available in late November.

With that, another question was whether the new colors would come with matching braided cables. Now that the embargo on the new HomePod mini colors has been lifted, we have the chance to see this revamped product before it hits stores.

YouTuber Brian Tong showed the three new HomePod mini colors, and they all have matching braided cables. As you can see, these braided cables are the same that come with the new 24in iMac.

When Apple released this Mac earlier this year, users were able to combine not only the cable, but the keyboard and mouse as well. As of now, Apple still doesn’t sell these colorful braided cables as a standalone product, so if you’re considering buying one, the cheapest option is to buy one of the new HomePod mini colors.

The speaker features a circular ‘bowl’ shaped design wrapped in mesh fabric. Apple says the HomePod mini combines incredible sound with the intelligence of a voice assistant. The speaker emits 360 degree sound. It is powered by Apple S5 chip.

HomePod mini supports the multi-room capabilities of AirPlay 2, so you can fill your home with multiple speakers. When two HomePod minis are close together, they automatically form a stereo pair. Recently, Apple updated its software so that users can enjoy lossless quality and pair them with Apple TV 4K. Discover below some videos highlighting the new colors of the product.

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