Where was “Nantucket Noel” filmed? Casting locations and stories

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Hallmark Channel’s “Nantucket Noel” premieres Friday, November 19 at 8 p.m. EST, with recalls airing throughout the season. (It will also air on the same date and time on the W network in Canada.) The film stars Sarah Power and Trevor Donovan. Read on to learn all about where the movie was set and the behind-the-scenes stories.

If you miss the premiere, the movie will premiere again on November 20 at 6 p.m. EST, November 24 at 10 p.m., December 2 at 6 p.m., December 5 at 12 p.m., December 8 at 8 a.m., and December 25 at 8 a.m. December at 2 a.m. EST. .

The film is based on the novel Let It Snow by Nancy Thayer. In honor of her book, the Dreamland Theater in Nantucket hosted a special night of the premiere, The Inquirer and Mirror reported.

“Nantucket Noel” was filmed in Canada

“Nantucket Noel” was filmed in Canada, including on the Sunshine Coast of Gibsons, British Columbia, despite the film’s script set in Nantucket. (If you’re in Nantucket, however, you’ll definitely want to join their Christmas walk.)

The film’s working title during filming was “Let It Snow,” which is the same title as the book it is based on.

According to IMDb, another filming location was 647 School Road in Gibsons. This is a location shared by many other productions including “Needful Things”, “The Irresistible Blueberry Farm” and more. This is the address of Molly’s Reach, a restaurant on the coast.

Donovan said the ocean’s edge had a magical feel.

Donovan told WECT that for this film, his character returns with his father to a collapsing fishing pier. His plan is to demolish and rebuild the wharf, but there are a lot of stores out there that don’t want to be demolished in the process.

Filming for the film ended on October 4. It took three weeks to make the film, Donovan explained in an interview.

Kirsten Hansen directed the film. She wrote when they finished: “I couldn’t be prouder of the way our movie turned out – it’s so beautiful and our amazing cast made me laugh, sigh, turn pale, laugh and cry (a few times). I have a feeling that this magical and heartwarming story will charm even the most tired of hearts and I really can’t wait for you all to see it.

She also shared in an Instagram Story below that she sometimes has to pinch herself to remember that She is the director. She wrote: “Can’t wait to share all the magic of this casting, the story, this place.”


Donovan shared this photo on his Instagram Story while filming, highlighting the beautiful scenery around him.


He also shared this photo.

Donovan said it was strange to wear a watch for his role, as he hardly ever wears one in real life.

He also asked fans to vote on which coat they liked best. Her character wears both in the film.

Hansen joked about how she felt when the chocolate platter was still 22 minutes away during the filming of the movie.

She said this particular scene was very special and contained a bit of Christmas magic.

She also shared this moment behind the scenes.

Here is another moment of the set.

Hansen wrote of Donovan: “I couldn’t have asked for a better male role in my first film. I had heard great things about @trevordonovan from friends and obviously his prolific career, but working with him really exceeded my expectations. The nicest, the most down-to-earth, collaborative, present, adorable with each member of the crew… and talented beyond measure. Every take was golden, and so was this photo, taken on day one of filming… Oh, I can’t wait for you to meet Andy Bittlesman.

Hansen wrote of Power: “Sarah blew me away every day with her gift and her beauty… she never missed a single line (and she had 8 pages each day to memorize)! Always in awe of her talent… and how she embodied the depth and humor of this complex role with so much authenticity, grace and nuance.

Hansen continued, “And I can’t wait for you to meet @lepinskipayton, a brilliant star who is sure to steal all of our hearts… and that scene with her improvised line, which could be my favorite line in the movie. 😂👏🏻 Payton is so naturally talented, funny, effervescent and was my first choice for the role.I couldn’t imagine anyone else playing the Wink Bittlesman, a little precocious but very sweet, super fun and incredibly lovable.

You can see a behind-the-scenes photo album from the Sunshine Coast BC Facebook page here.

Hansen also shared a photo from their Zoom tabletop reading.

Meet the cast

The synopsis reads: “During the Seaside Noel celebrations, Christina learns that a developer is planning to demolish the dock that houses her toy store. Tensions rise as she falls in love with the developer’s son, Andy.

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Sarah Power is Christina. She is perhaps best known for her role as Abigail in Hallmark’s “Good Witch”. Her many other credits include “Killjoys” (Pawter), “Designated Survivor”, “Sea Change”, “Rosewood”, “Schitt’s Creek”, “American Gothic” (Jennifer), “The Hexecutioners”, “Republic of Doyle” ( Crystal), “Murdoch Mysteries”, “Wild Roses” (Lucy), “Lost Girl”, “The Listener”, “Random Passage” and more.

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Trevor Donovan is Andy. Donovan is also appearing in a GAC ​​family Christmas movie this year called “Jingle Bell Princess”. His many other credits include “The Baxters” (Ryan), “Two for the Win”, “Love, Lost & Found”, “USS Christmas”, “JL Family Ranch 2”, “The Au Pair Nightmare”, “Prescription for Love “,” Nostalgic Christmas “,” Love, Fall & Order “,” SnowComing “,” Lucifer “,” Marry Me at Christmas “,” The Ghost Beyond “,” Scaping Dad “,” Sun Records “(Eddy), “Love on a Limb”, “Texas Rising” (Kit), “Cocktails and Dreams”, “Melissa & Joey” (Alistair), “Awkward. “,” 90210 “(Teddy),” Strawberry Summer “,” Days of Our Lives “(Jeremy), and more.

He is also working with GAC Family to expand his anti-bullying work and reach out to the communities where he films, holding anti-bullying rallies in schools, WECT reported.

He told WECT: “We’re even incorporating scripted skits in a way, with possible scenarios about bullying in school and ways to deal with it and deal with it. In addition to that, the idea is to also involve these children, if possible, in the process of making the film. If I’m in a city and there’s a local college or high school, invite the kids to the set, or invite the kids to a premiere of one of my movies we shot in their city, while also involving them in anti-bullying assemblies too.

Crown mediaPayton Lepinski

Payton Lepinski is Wink. Her credits include “Spontaneous”, “Holiday Hearts”, “Welcome to Christmas”, “Overboard” and “Who Killed JonBenet” (where she played JonBenet Ramsey.)

Crown MediaDaniel Bacon

Daniel Bacon is Jacob. Her credits include “You, Me & the Christmas Trees”, “A Christmas Treasure”, “Motherland: Fort Salem”, “Maid”, “Sweet Carolina”, “Debris”, “Mystery 101”, “A Love to Remember, ”“ Five Star Christmas ”,“ Picture Perfect Mysteries ”,“ Garage Sale Mysteries ”,“ Limetown ”(Karl),“ Welcome to Christmas ”,“ Bob the Builder ”(voice),“ Somewhere Between ”(Glenn Cupcake Kupner) , “Paranormal Solutions” (Mark), “Delete”, “The Bouquet”, “White Collar Poet” (Oliver), “Psych”, “The L Word”, “Smallville” and much more.

Crown MediaKharytia bilash

Kharytia Bilash is Abby. Her credits include a number of short films, a choir on “Legends of Tomorrow” and Vivian on “Christmas Under the Stars”.

Also featured are:

  • Fiona Vroom (Harriet)
  • Bruce Dawson (Oscar)
  • Heather-Claire Nortey (Mimi)
  • Candice Hunter (Janice)
  • Ava Kelders (Dora)
  • Sophia Johnson (Lauren)
  • Cameron McDonald (Manny)
  • Piper Dacosta (Young Christina)

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